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Working together with other professionals

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Because of the importance we place on confidentiality and anonymity, we don’t advertise our services and many clients come to us through word of mouth or on the recommendation of an existing medical, psychiatric or psychological professional. Our teams will work closely with a client’s existing healthcare teams, both at the point of referral but also providing regular updates on the client’s progress. When clients are ready to leave Phoenix International Retreat we will provide a comprehensive report on their treatment programme, as well as liaising closely with their healthcare teams on aftercare solutions.

We can also provide a range of training and consultancy services for others working in the field of addiction or behavioural disorders. Our consultants regularly travel around the world to deliver in-house training and consultancy. We also work with a very small number of high-quality partners – who share our vision and values - who wish to offer the Phoenix Programme to their own clients and can provide full licensing, training and support.

Consultancy & Training Services
  • Auditing existing treatment provision for addiction and other psychological disorders
  • In-house training for medical, therapy and support staff
  • Addiction programme design and development
  • 1:1 skills coaching and professional development
  • Lectures and seminars
  • The Phoenix Programme
Working together with other professionals at Phoenix Individual Retreat in Spain
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Phoenix Individual Retreat was born from a single-minded vision: to provide clients with the most luxurious, confidential and effective treatment for addiction and other disorders.

We offer a safe space, a sanctuary away from the pressures and stresses of everyday life in which clients can address their problems and create a pathway to a healthier and more fulfilled life.

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