For me, it felt like life had been one big party since I was sixteen. Coming from a wealthy family I’d never had to worry about anything, everything in my life was taken care of and – so it seemed – I had a fantastic future mapped out for me. So what went wrong? Why did I find myself in my mid-twenties in a hospital bed de-toxing from the drugs and alcohol which had very nearly killed me?

Over the course of the next three months I gradually found the answer to this question through the Phoenix Programme, as I was forced to admit, honestly and openly, to my problem and then take a long, hard look at the underlying reasons.

The work was hard. I cried more tears than I thought possible but throughout had the incredible support of my therapy team, who worked with me with compassion and professionalism and gradually led me towards a new life, away from drugs and alcohol.

Despite the amazing surroundings and physical luxury, there was nothing easy about the programme and it was emotionally exhausting although I absolutely believe that without the treatment I received I would not have a future to look forward to.
Drug Addiction: when the party ends - Phoenix Individual Retreat in Spain
Alcohol and drug problems? A new way of life begins right now Phoenix Programme