Before I entered treatment at Phoenix my life was a complete mess. Since my late teens I’d stumbled from one hopeless relationship to another, always clinging desperately to the idea of love even when I knew relationships were toxic and making me unhappy.

Above all I was embarrassed by my apparent inability to hold down a relationship. In all other aspects of my life I was an unqualified success, with a fantastic career doing something I loved, but I just couldn’t seem to avoid piling into one disastrous relationship after another, then feeling distraught and worthless when they ground to an inevitable end.

It wasn’t until I read an article about love addiction that I realised I might have a problem and it was only by chance that someone suggested I try an on-line self-assessment test. I was shocked – but in my heart of hearts perhaps not surprised – by the results and after a number of lengthy consultations I found myself heading into a Phoenix therapy programme.

Don’t be fooled by the luxurious surroundings…it is not a holiday and I worked harder than I have ever worked before, but this time I was working on myself as, eventually, through a range of different therapies, I came to understand what lay behind my disastrous dating behaviour.

Now I am in an amazing relationship but, equally importantly, have been able to walk away from another which I knew was not right for me. My outlook on life and love has changed and my self-esteem has sky-rocketed.
Love addiction: a new beginning - Phoenix Individual Retreat in Spain
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