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When clients leave the Phoenix Individual Retreat they do so with a completely new outlook and perspective, as well as a suite of strategies and coping mechanisms to help them thrive in their new life. However, re-engaging with the outside world can be a very dangerous time which is why we offer one of the most comprehensive aftercare packages in the world, to ensure that clients continue their recovery journey long after leaving the Retreat.

How our After-Care Programme works at Phoenix Individual Retreat
How our After-Care Programme works
Long before you leave, your therapy team will work with you to build a comprehensive plan to help you understand the steps you need to take after leaving the Retreat to keep working on your recovery.

For most people, an aftercare plan will include attending support groups, working with a therapist, or both; however, these meetings are not the only aspects of an aftercare plan, which will be tailored to the individual’s lifestyle.

By playing an active role in the creation of the after-care plan, clients stay actively involved in their ongoing recovery from addiction or behavioural disorders and are able to focus on their long-term goals, whether personal or professional.

Most experts agree that the months following treatment are critical in terms of maintaining recovery and that an effective aftercare programme is essential to consolidate the gains made during treatment.

Mentoring and intervention at Phoenix Individual Retreat
Mentoring and intervention
At the heart of each aftercare plan is a mentoring programme which will involve daily/weekly telephone/Skype contact with your therapist and regular face-to-face meetings with specialists during return visits to our retreat. In some cases, mentoring may involve a member of the client’s therapy team returning home with them and living with them for a period lasting from a few days to several months.

The mentor then assists the client in establishing a recovery programme, adapting their lifestyle to their programme and working through problems that arise during the early period following their return to home life. With our aftercare support, the majority of our clients are able to maintain their recovery once treatment ends.

However, there are instances where things can go wrong and when an individual is facing the challenge of addiction or a behavioural disorder a swift intervention – bringing together family and friends to remind the client how far they have come and what they need to do – may be required. In these cases, we can arrange such an intervention, anywhere in the world, to get the client immediately back on their recovery journey.
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