HC Marbella International Hospital

HC Marbella International Hospital

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HC Marbella is our partner hospital and works closely with the Phoenix Individual Retreat in the delivery of the medical aspects of client care, particularly in the field of detoxification and addiction treatment. Situated at the heart of the Costa del Sol, it is an exclusive private hospital, internationally renowned for the quality of both its medical team and the quality of treatment and care.

Its setting and facilities lie just 200m from the sea, creating a feeling of peace and well-being. Clients requiring medical detoxification will stay in one of just 12 exclusive rooms before transferring to their villa at the Phoenix Individual retreat.

The centre offers 11 consulting rooms, an operating theatre with the latest technology, an oncological outpatient facility, 3 individual examination rooms for outpatients, a physiotherapy centre, an exclusive reception area and gardens for the comfort and privacy of patients.

The Highcare Philosophy

Highcare Marbella prides itself on its unique patient-centric approach, where patients are treated as guests and where the staff’s sole purpose is the people they treat.  Total privacy and anonymity is guaranteed throughout the client’s stay and recovery and the clinic aims to provide a unique environment where all the finest details are taken care of.

What is medical detoxification?

Detoxification – or detox - is the process through which all traces of alcohol and drugs are removed from the body, ensuring that a person is physically stable and ready to start therapy.  Alcohol or drug addiction results in people's bodies becoming used to having these substances in their system and when these substances are gradually reduced and removed during detox, the brain has to adjust to the sudden drop in these chemicals. This typically leads to an unpleasant set of symptoms known as 'withdrawal'.

The detox process aims to minimise the negative impact of withdrawal symptoms, and make the experience as safe and as comfortable as possible. The most effective form of detox is one that is medically assisted and that is why clients remain in HC Marbella International Hospital during the detoxification process, during which they are under the 24 hour care of doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals. Doctors will also prescribe medication to help manage the most unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal.

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Phoenix Individual Retreat was born from a single-minded vision: to provide clients with the most luxurious, confidential and effective treatment for addiction and other disorders.

We offer a safe space, a sanctuary away from the pressures and stresses of everyday life in which clients can address their problems and create a pathway to a healthier and more fulfilled life.

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