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During your time at Phoenix Individual Retreat you will stay in your own luxurious villa, with a personal butler/chef and a dedicated treatment team. We believe that every client should experience nothing short of complete perfection, which has rightly earned us a reputation as one of the world’s most exclusive treatment centres. By offering the very highest levels of service and comfort we are able to care for private individuals who demand the very best.  We believe that the right environment is essential to recovery and the warmth of the Spanish sunshine, together with the luxurious surroundings of your villa, represent an important part of your treatment.

5 Star comfort during your time at Phoenix Individual Retreat
5 Star comfort
During your time at Phoenix Individual Retreat, we want your accommodation to feel like home: to offer you a safe haven, a place of sanctuary where you can relax, recover and re-energise. Situated near the foothills of Sierra Blanca in the beautiful Andalucian sunshine, your villa will be tastefully decorated and furnished to the very highest standards and offer everything you need in terms of luxury and comfort. Outside, you will be able to enjoy the beautifully landscaped grounds, taking in the magnificent views and enjoying a relaxing dip in your private pool.

Of course, if there is anything you need to make your villa feel even more like your home, we are happy to arrange for residences to be adapted to suit your personal requirements.

Discretion and security at Phoenix Individual Retreat
Discretion and security
Although your villa will offer you complete privacy, a member of your treatment and well-being team will be on hand whenever you might need them, twenty-four hours a day. Your residence is discreetly located and benefits from round the clock security. For many clients, their villa provides the perfect haven and they rarely leave the grounds during treatment. For others, we can arrange for external activities to allow them to enjoy the beauty of Sierra Blanca accompanied, at all times, by a member of their personal team.

In addition to therapists and medical experts, each client has their own personal butler/chef who will provide delicious, healthy meals according to their particular preferences and nutritional needs, all sourced from the freshest local produce..

For clients with external business or professional interests - Phoenix Individual Retreat
Family & Business
Although your villa is designed to offer you a secure and safe haven, away from the stresses and strains of everyday life, there may be occasions where contact with the outside world is necessary or desirable. For example, we can plan for family and loved ones to visit and even stay for a short period of time.

This is particularly appropriate for those clients working with a Family or Systemic Therapist. For clients with external business or professional interests which cannot be completely put on hold, we can also adapt the residence to include an office suite and administrative staff. Our concierge service is also available throughout each client’s stay to assist with any extra requests, for example the provision of chauffeured transport..
Outstanding facilities & activities - Phoenix Individual Retreat
Outstanding facilities & activities
Although much of your time at the Phoenix Individual Retreat will be taken up working on your recovery and therapy programme, you will also have plenty of free time for relaxation and reflection.

We offer a wide range of facilities – for example, use of a state-of-the-art gym and personal trainer - as well as a host of other activities.

Whether you wish to engage in creative pursuits such as painting, music or drama; more practical activities like horse-riding, sailing or mountain-biking; or more relaxing experiences such as massage, yoga or acupuncture your team will be able to arrange a programme for you.

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Phoenix Individual Retreat was born from a single-minded vision: to provide clients with the most luxurious, confidential and effective treatment for addiction and other disorders.

We offer a safe space, a sanctuary away from the pressures and stresses of everyday life in which clients can address their problems and create a pathway to a healthier and more fulfilled life.

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